Concierge Nursing

Nurses don't always work in hospitals. They can assist clients beyond the confines of a healthcare center, whether in their daily life or for strenuous activities.

The concept of delivering what each client needs, considering their limits and lifestyle, is known as concierge nursing. A client's home or workplace is the environment in which the specialty of concierge nursing is best suited.

Those qualified in the medical field have been seeking to work as personal health providers for individuals or households.

Concierge nursing is an option for registered nurses and nurse practitioners interested in working independently and doesn't require further qualifications unless operating in a specialty.

Your current set of talents can and will accommodate the requirements of several medical clientele located in your region. The most important factor is to establish your unique concierge nursing brand to entice and secure the clients you can assist best.

Job Duties & Responsibilities of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

Different kinds of nurses, such as registered nurses (RN) and nurse practitioners (NP), each have their own specialized areas of practice:

  • A registered nurse is someone who works directly with clients, supervising their evaluations, everyday activities, and scheduled treatments and surgeries. Registered nurses (RNs) collaborate closely with other members of the care team, including physicians and specialists. They are not authorized to diagnose clients, provide treatments, or make prescriptions for pharmaceuticals.

  • A nurse practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice registered nurse that works directly with clients but performs their duties more similarly to those of a physician. In addition to making diagnoses, developing and managing treatment programs, and prescribing medications, nurse practitioners are also able to provide other services.

    After gaining experience as a registered nurse, becoming a nurse practitioner is an excellent next step in a nursing career because of the improved opportunity for earning more money, the wider scope of practice, and the additional autonomy that nurses tend to prefer.

It is important to keep in mind that the particular tasks and responsibilities for both registered nurses and nurse practitioners (NPs) might vary from state to state owing to differences in the rules and licensing requirements.

What Exactly Is a Concierge Nursing Service?

Private nursing care is known as concierge nursing, and it encompasses a broad range of options. Concierge nurses can provide continuing medical care for clients in any given circumstance such as:

  • Onsite medical concierge liaison
  • Aesthetics
  • Wound care
  • Post-op care
  • IVF injections
  • Providing vitamin shots
  • Providing immunity boosters

Employing a concierge nurse for post-operative care and medically assisted travel is normal.

Therefore, you are likely to be recruited by the clients who require medical support on the go.

You can specialize in assisting healing clients at home or become the personal nursing provider for anybody who requires medical attendance.

But, at the same time, you can do more and continue on call to help clients recuperate at home. Concierge nurses have the opportunity to become these individuals. However, the scope of concierge nursing covers a very broad ground.

Because of this, the specifics of each nursing service are left up to the nurses' discretion, physician supervision, and the clients receiving them.

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners

Aesthetic nurse practitioners can pursue advanced degrees, such as the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), or higher. 

Aesthetic nurse practitioners, as opposed to aesthetic nurses, are frequently in control of practically every part of the practice, whether it be a medical spa or another kind of clinic or outpatient facility. 

Depending on local state rules, certain aesthetic nurse practitioners could own their own facility. These nurse practitioners' typical duties might range from scheduling appointments to conducting cosmetic treatments.

Why Nurse Entrepreneurs Become Concierge Nurses

Concierge nursing is something that many nurses who want to work for themselves choose to do. This type of nursing is easy to get into, it may provide a steady income, and it allows you to concentrate on the areas of nursing you enjoy the most.

As a concierge nurse, you don't have to work in healthcare settings like hospitals or clinics. You may excel as a recovering therapist or have extensive experience with medical travel.

Furthermore, you may turn your skills as a nurse into a successful company by hiring concierge nurses to work for you.

If you have developed a website and an online presence, clients who need your specialized skill set or services will contact you and your team of nurses.

The versatility of concierge nursing is enticing because it provides a foundation upon which one may construct a nursing career that is uniquely theirs. You can be an adaptive generalist, or you can create a specialty service and a reputation in the community for that specialty.

This sort of private practice flexibility attracts nursing entrepreneurs since it allows for more autonomy.

So it's an excellent spot to begin your nursepreneur career if you are an independent person with an idea of the concierge services you would like to offer.

Determine Your Company's Mission Statement and Brand

Once you decide to become a concierge nurse, you should immediately begin considering the services you want to provide.

In the field of nursing, what are some of your strengths and interests? What challenges do your clients often face that may be alleviated with concierge nursing?

After you have determined your mission statement, the next step is identifying your brand. Determine the color palette for your brand design and the impression you want to make on your clients.

Draw inspiration from unique characters in the medical field and the message you want to convey to potential clients.

Choose designs and graphics that effectively communicate the level of attention that you offer.

Create a List of Available Services

After determining your company's objective and brand, the next step is to compile a list of the services you offer and the parameters under which those services fall.

Because concierge nursing can encompass a variety of services, such as nursing and trip planning, it's essential to identify the scope of your offerings within the context of each client care plan.

Specify what you are selling and how clients can benefit from your services. The next step is to determine your price sheet, whether it be the pricing by the hour, the service, or the sort of plan that each client requires.

Establish a Strong Online Presence

Now that you have a firm grasp of your brand and the services you provide, it's time to construct your website and establish a presence on social media.

The website serves as the arena for online patient interactions and acts as the storefront for your brand online. It's also the first place any potential patient intrigued about your nursing services will go to explore them.

Your website needs to do a fantastic job of showcasing your service purpose, brand, and the particular services that you offer. The client should be able to decide rather quickly whether or not they like your approach and if they want to engage with you.

From then on, the website walks customers through the necessary steps to consult or arrange an appointment. Integrating social media and producing a consistent stream of content for inbound marketing are the final steps in finishing off your online presence.

To establish a basic online presence appropriate for a small business, start a blog and automate your use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the content, you create, demonstrate your individuality. For example, act in a way that is humorous, pleasant, polite, or even sardonic if that's the manner that your clients recognize and enjoy.

Both the blogs and the social media clips demonstrate both your personality and your sense of style.

Build Up Your Customer Base and Your List of Satisfied Endorsements

It would help if you had an internet presence to gather a customer list of reservations and queries.

In addition, make an effort to get in touch with former clients, if that is feasible, as well as people you already know to spread the word about your service.

There are probably a few folks or friends of friends inside your network who may gain from your approach to nursing. Make an effort to reach out to them.

When you land a new patient, they might serve as a new source of referral business and testimonials. Every customer on your list has the potential to become a lifelong supporter and promoter of your business.

Develop Your Skills

Lastly, hone and improve your company strategy as you acquire experience working with various types of clients.

As you learn new talents, you should either refine your existing services or add new ones.

You can develop your nursing abilities and the skill to run a small company.

Additionally, you'll get experience in the most effective methods for scheduling clients and providing seamless customer service.

With concierge nursing, you can establish a healthy revenue-to-head ratio, coordinate insurance policies, and get ready to file company taxes.

In addition, you will improve your skills as a concierge and an independent company owner. These are the abilities that will allow you to succeed on your own.

Consider a Career in Concierge Nursing, a Demanding and Rewarding Field

Concierge nursing is a sector that is expanding due to the surge in demand for aesthetic treatments and the anticipated job growth for RNs and NPs. In addition to helping to satisfy the increasing need for many services including aesthetics, pursuing a profession in concierge nursing gives the gratification of offering treatments that can improve patients' happiness and confidence.

Additionally, the career can provide healthcare workers freedom and variety. Concierge nurses operate in settings as diverse as medical spas and hospitals. Furthermore, the area is undergoing fast change due to novel procedures and innovations including the use of innovative new technology.

Those looking for a fulfilling, in-demand job may choose to consider a career as an aesthetic nurse. With the development of new transportable technology, if you choose the exciting field of aesthetic nursing, you may be interested in this option.

Transportable technology opens the gates to accommodate clients in their homes or chosen space for fun events and parties. With the popularization of ‘botox parties’, being able to provide this service makes for a stand-out service.


If you have the desire to work with clients independently but aren't sure where to begin, consider becoming a concierge nurse. This type of nursing job allows you to provide care to clients in their homes, which means you can spend more time with them and provide one-on-one attention.

Plus, you'll earn decent money and won't have to worry about finding a full-time position. You only need a few hours each week to care for clients in their homes or onsite locations.

Don't hesitate to contact us at Elite Practitioner if you need excellent healthcare. We focus on providing top-notch services related to well-being and beauty.

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